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ginsa's story

hello! I'm Juliet Kim Blake. as a 20-year veteran in the food and beverage industry launching brands such as ZICO, BodyArmor, Lemon Perfect and Mamma Chia, I increasingly noticed the underrepresentation of Asian ingredients and flavors in our space.

the story of ginsa begins with my personal journey and a love for Korean red ginseng. this ancient powerful root has been a daily part of my life for decades. I personally experience the profound effects of ginseng on my mental clarity and focus with the instant feeling of alertness and awakening.

however, as I navigated the aisles of grocery stores, I realized that the miracle of ginseng was often pushed to the backseat, playing a secondary role amidst a myriad of other ingredients. I was determined to alter the narrative and shine a light on this unsung hero and present ginseng as the protagonist of its own story in a deliciously accessible way.

the choice of ingredient was deliberate. We partner with a highly reputable South Korean company with a patented fermented Korean red ginseng renowned for its superior absorption rate and greater efficacy. the benefits of ginsa are almost immediate. in a busy world like today, time is of the essence and waiting for the effects of a drink to kick in is a luxury we just can’t afford.

ginsa is a beverage designed to match the fast pace of your life, fueling your focus and combating brain fatigue from the first sip, so you can awaken your potential and make every moment count.