ginsa is a caffeine-free carbonated ginseng tonic centered around Korean red ginseng with only 20 calories from honey.

it comes in three authentic and refreshing flavors: just ginseng, ginseng + Korean pear and ginseng + yuzu.

no, ginsa does not contain any alcohol - just clean ginsa fun in a can!

while ginsa is best enjoyed when chilled, it is completely shelf stable and can be stored at room temperature so you can stock up!

since ginseng is an adaptogen, we don't recommend drinking ginsa if you're currently pregnant or breastfeeding.

yes, absolutely! we believe in starting the ginseng routine young. but just like with any other food and beverages, we recommend you asking your pediatrician if ginsa is right for your little ones.

any time you need a little mental boost or feel like brain fog has taken over. since ginsa is caffeine-free, you can drink it at all hours of the day.

pro tip: try drinking ginsa before a hardcore study session or when you're about to embark on an arduous task that requires maximum concentration.

since we're brand new, we are working hard on gaining more distribution in stores. we'll be launching in a select few chains in May.

in the meantime, please let your favorite retailer know they're missing out on joining the ginsa generation and ask them to carry ginsa!

we currently ship throughout the United States.

absolutely! if you want to join the ginsa generation, please send us a note below. bonus points if you let us know your favorite K-drama, K-movie, K-pop group or K-food!

yes! the inspiration behind ginsa's branding comes from the 'bojagi', a traditional wrapping cloth commonly made from silk in a variety of vibrant colors in a patchwork pattern.